I became skilled at the artistic craft at the College of Applied Art in Poznan. I studied in stained glass designing studio under the protection of Jan Gawron. Professor Wojciech Sadley and professor Wlodzimierz Dutkowiak were supervisors of my diploma.

I set up my own glass designing studio in 1999. All of our products are handmade. The projects are of our own design. We offer short series of decorative patterns. While painting the glass we don't use the decalcomania technique or stencils. We apply the fusing technique (the glass layers are welded) using the coloured metal elements.

We realise the individual clients' orders: tiles, ornaments, plates as parts of the interior decoration and advertising products. Our products aren't only for decoration but they also come useful.

Our offer consists of:

glass plateaux in different sizes, single and in sets




napkin holders




small decorative forms (angels, animals).

We have clients form Poland, Germany, France, Sweden, Scotland, Ireland and Norway.